If goods are entering Canada on a temporary basis, the shipment may quality for duty-free entry and full or partial relief of GST.  If qualified, the goods will enter on a Temporary Importation Bond (TIB).  Most TIB's are related to equipment on loan however, there are also other conditions by which a TIB may be applicable.


The following procedures apply for a TIB:

  1. Forward a completed TIB form to ConnectionPoint with details of the equipment to be temporarily imported

  2. ConnectionPoint will contact Risk Management and Insurance Services to determine insurance coverage and assess risk and liability.  They will need to know the responsible party for coverage of damage to the equipment itself, and who assumes liability for injury as a result of using the equipment.

  3. All equipment must meet Saskatchewan electrical standards (see Electrical Equipment Certification form). Safety Resources may need to be informed of other issues to ensure the equipment meets university requirements while being used on campus.

  4. If the goods do not qualify as a TIB, all applicable duties and taxes will be assessed on the full value of the goods, and the shipment will enter Canada as a regular import.  However, if all requirements are met, you will be advised that goods qualify as a TIB.  You will be required to complete a purchase requisition or acquire a good or service request so that a purchase order (PO) can be issued.  This is required for customs and university insurance purposes, and to cover freight and brokerage charges.
  5. You will be contacted prior to the expiration date of the TIB to confirm that the goods will be returned to the Supplier or lending institute.

  6. The university customs broker - Thompson, Ahern & Co. Ltd., must be notified of the planned date of export prior to the return of the goods.  Failure to do so may result in the payment of GST and applicable duty on the total value of the temporary import.  The goods must be exported prior to the expiry date of the temporary entry (maximum of 18 months) or a request for extension must be submitted to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) through ConnectionPoint.

  7. In the event that the goods are purchased, a memo should be sent to ConnectionPoint to request an amendment of the customs entry and to initiate the appropriate changes to the purchase order.  All applicable duties and taxes will need to be paid on the full value of the goods.