COVID-19 Protocols

Effective Jan. 4, 2022, anyone accessing USask campuses and workplaces will need to be fully vaccinated according to the university’s standards.

Obtaining rapid test results (or any other COVID test result) will no longer be an option for campus access as of Jan. 4, 2022, unless an accommodation has been granted (by the worker’s employer) to individuals who are unable to be vaccinated for reasons related to grounds that are protected under The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, 2018.

This requirement extends to all vendors and subcontractors.


Individuals who are unable to be vaccinated for reasons related to grounds that are protected under The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, 2018 may be able to receive an accommodation to work on campus.

Accommodations will not be granted by the University of Saskatchewan but must be administered through the worker’s employer. Accommodated workers must carry proof of accommodation and proof of negative COVID-19 rapid test (including picture of negative test result cassette with date written on it or other certified test result) from within the previous 48 hours.

Code of Practice

Contractor Health and Safety Code of Practice

If you are a Contractor or Service Provider, an employee of Contractor or Service Provider or a Project Manager or Contract Authority bringing Contractor(s) or Service Provider(s) to University of Saskatchewan (USask) owned or leased properties, you must adhere to the Contractor Health and Safety Code of Practice. It provides the health and safety expectations, defines roles and responsibilities and provides the processes for safely executing contracted construction or service projects at USask.


Contractor Health and Safety Orientation

Before any contractors, employees of contractors, sub-contractors, service and maintenance providers, Project Managers or Contract Authority to perform work on University of Saskatchewan owned and leased property, they must attend the University’s Contractor Health and Safety Orientation.

Safety Resources has changed the delivery format for the contractor Health and Safety Orientation in order to protect our community's health and safety against COVID-19. We have cancelleed our Tuesday classroom sessions until further notice. However, contactors, service providers and consultants can request a Orientation Package by following the instructions below.

To register and receive the orientation package, please send an email to with the details below:

  • Attendee first and last name(s)
  • Contact information
  • Company name
  • Project name, location and Project Manager or Contract Authority

Asbestos Management

USask has an Asbestos Management Program that communicates asbestos information to campus occupants and those who are hired to work near or with asbestos containing materials. 

If you are conducting any work that may disturb areas with potential asbestos containing material, an assessment to identify asbestos containing materials is required by trained and qualified personnel prior to completing the work.  In addition, if any asbestos containing material is observed to be damaged, please report the location to Asbestos Management Program.

For any questions or concerns regarding asbestos, please contact the Asbestos Management Program.



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