The following Supplementary Conditions for the Purchase of Services (Supplementary Purchase Order Conditions B) together with Purchase Order General Conditions apply to all University of Saskatchewan purchase orders for the procurement of services, unless otherwise expressly agreed to in writing.

  1. All suppliers, or vendors, or service providers, or contractors, or individuals  (hereinafter Supplier), in carrying out work for and/ or providing services to the University of Saskatchewan, shall adhere to and comply with all applicable Canadian and Saskatchewan laws and regulations and obtain and provide all necessary permits/ licenses/ approvals/ registrations and clearance letters, including, but not limited to, Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax (PST), Saskatchewan’s Workers Compensation Board (WCB), Canadian Goods and Services Tax (GST), Canadian Income Tax and obtaining temporary foreign worker status for entry into Canada (more information).  It is recommended that all Suppliers discuss these and other Canadian or provincial regulations with their business / tax advisor when carrying on activities in Canada and with the University of Saskatchewan.

  2. The Supplier shall perform the services in a competent, conscientious and professional manner, and in accordance with policies, procedures and regulations of the University of Saskatchewan and all applicable laws.  The Supplier represents it is able to competently perform the services, has the necessary qualifications, knowledge, skill and ability and will provide a quality of service at least equal to that which would generally be expected of a competent contractor in a like situation.

  3. In the event of Supplier's failure to deliver as and when specified, University of Saskatchewan may cancel this Purchase Order in whole or in part without prejudice to other rights and remedies, and may charge Supplier for any loss or expense sustained as a result of failure to deliver.

  4. Any employees, agents or subcontractors of the Supplier providing services to the University of Saskatchewan shall constitute employees, agents and subcontractors solely of the Supplier and shall not for any purposes be construed as employees, agents or contractors/subcontractors of, acting for, or on behalf of the University of Saskatchewan.  Whether with respect to third parties or otherwise, no acts performed, or representations, whether oral or written, made by the Supplier shall be binding on the University of Saskatchewan.

  5. The Supplier shall perform the services as an independent contractor, shall be responsible to discharge its liabilities and remit all required applications, reports, payments and contributions in respect of itself as an independent contractor, whether in respect of income tax, Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Workers Compensation, Goods and Services Tax, Provincial Sales Tax, any applicable liability insurance, or otherwise (in this clause “Obligations”).  If the services are assessable by the Saskatchewan WCB and/or Saskatchewan Finance for PST, the Supplier represents it is, or shall be, registered with Saskatchewan WCB and/or Saskatchewan Finance as the case may be, and will be responsible to pay and/or remit all applicable WCB premiums and assessments and PST.  The Supplier agrees to indemnify and holds the University of Saskatchewan harmless against liability of the University of Saskatchewan which may arise in connection with any Obligations of the Supplier, its employees, agents, and subcontractors.