Vision and goals

Our goal is to become a high-functioning professional support team working collaboratively to support the vision and mission of the University in a customer-centric, agile, and cost effective way, while having all employees feel empowered to make decisions, take actions and implement policies.

To help us achieve our Finance and Resources objectives:

Shared Beliefs

Working together will strengthen our culture and make us successful.

We are focused on the people we serve
We start with a “can-do” mindset, we seek to truly understand their needs and work together to find the best way to meet them

We work together
we collaborate across functional boundaries and openly share information to come up with the best solutions

We learn
We coach, give constructive feedback, seek input from others and strive to be innovative

We are courageous
We take informed risks and do what is right, even if in the face of adversity

We are accountable
We hold ourselves and each other accountable to achieving clear, integrated priorities

We trust each other
We delegate decision making and support each other on the decisions we make

We value change
We are agile, responsive, flexible and open to new solutions